Examples of overlooked markets


Overlooked market

Current situation (+ needs met, - needs not met)

Consumer-recognized need: safe airline travel for pets

+ Continental Airlines PetSafe program

Constant physical need: athletic shoes in widths

+ New Balance's initial claim to fame

Market once served: personal hair dryers with reasonable wattage

- All dryers currently sold have excessive wattage

Market never served: credit for informally-employed Brazilians

+ Yamada Group credit card

Constant preferences: amusement rides that are gentle

+ Wisdom Industries

Budget constraints: student-priced laptop computers

- Laptops still overly-expensive

Budget irrelevance: charcoal grill in color other than black

- Manufacturers say they can't "afford" specialized colors

Optimal preferences: copy/printer paper with "reasonable" brightness

- All manufacturers currently in a brightness war

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